Five Benefits of Dead Sea Mud

Published: 07th April 2010
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The 'Dead Sea' is a salty closed sea in the south of the Jordan Valley which divides the lands of Jordan and Israel. This is the lowest spot on earth (398 metres below sea level) and also the world's saltiest water with saline levels in the range of 28% to 30%. This compares to the more normal 3% found in most oceans or seas. The water is abundantly rich with mineral content such as bromide, potassium, magnesium, calcium chloride and many others and traditionally has been looked upon as having not only theraputic and healing properties, but also for being well known as a skin cleanser and purifier.

During my visit to the Dead Sea and Masada in 2008 I witnessed many tourists and locals take the opportunity to dip in the dead sea mud and I could say that almost every comment I heard was very favourable indeed. I did so myself and it is truly an experience not to be missed should you get the opportunity.

Due to the high intensity of mineral content in the water the minerals then get absorbed into the mud and this process has resulted in Dead Sea Mud developing a reputation virtually unsurpassed by any other natural beauty product. The concentrated layers of clay that have been formed over thousands of years are rich in minerals that help to maintain a healthy skin. Research has suggested that this Dead Sea Mud is very effective in treating diseases like acne, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, dry skin, etc. Also, the mud can be used as a face mask to make the skin look much healthier and leave a warmer looking complexion.

Five Benefits of Dead Sea Mud

1.Replenishes the minerals which are naturally depleted from the skin through the aging process. Dead Sea Mud contains minerals which are essential to the skin functions by acting as conducters for other nutrients required by the body.

2.Improvement in blood circulation as Dead Sea mud is considered to be one of the healthiest things that you can use for your skin. You can gently massage the mud over your face and body it and leave it for 30 minutes or so. As the mud infuses into the skin it is thought to help improve blood circulation, relax the nervous system and calm the body.

3.Relieves skin disorders: Potassium and magnesium plays a vital role in curing various skin diseases. Minerals that are present in the Dead Sea mud can boost the renewing power of the skin by allowing the required nutrients to penetrate an otherwise stagnant skin surface, and rejuvenate the damaged skin tissues. The mud has been known to improve the following conditions: acne, psoriasis, dry skin, skin allergies, eczema etc.

4.Used as en exfoliator to naturally cleanse and detox the skin while the high mineral content replenishes the metabolism of the skin cells giving an anti-aging effect and a refreshed firmer skin.

5. Can reduce aches and pains as it penetrates where other remedies simply cannot reach. The combination of assisting blood circulation together with the increase in carrier minerals for deeper penetration can mean an easing of arthritic or rheumatic symptoms. A longer and more sustained period of application may be required to achieve these results.

In summary - Dead Sea Mud has become a much sought after commodity both for its healing and remedial properties and for its applications in the beauty/cosmetics industries. The historical and biblical significance of the Dead Sea certainly give more authenticity to the claims of it's healing properties. Further research though is always advisable before accepting the claims of manufacturers - be sure you are purchasing the genuine product.

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